How To DJ Your Own Wedding Reception Right

cocktail hour

How To DJ Your Own Event

Learn how to DJ your own wedding reception without having to know how to dj like the pros. If you’re on a budget, this is an inexpensive way of providing great music selections for your guests. The method discussed will be based on burning cds however using ipods and mp3 players will work just as well. I prefer cds for this particular method.  Follow these simple instructions and learn how to DJ your event with your own personal flavor.

You will need:

  • 7 blank cds
  • sharpie
  • music of your choice
  • laptop with cd burner
  • a music player that also burns cds (itunes, windows media player, etc.)
  • dj equipment rental system (available for rent from DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT)

This article will be about how to dj a wedding reception that’s going from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

How to DJ for the cocktail hour

Create a folder in itunes and label it “cocktail hour.” Think about the music you want your guests to hear as they are arriving for your wedding reception and while there are mingling with other guests. The music should be upbeat and a mix of a few different genres. I recommend a mid-tempo style with your favorite love songs from the different decades. The music played here also sets the tone for the rest of the event. Get an early start on this because while you are out-and-about and planning for other parts of your wedding, you will come across songs that you will think to add to this playlist.

You will want to make this playlist at least 90 minutes. More will not hurt but make sure it’s at least 90 minutes. If things go according to schedule, you should only need the first 60 minutes of this. You will need two cds for this part.

how to dj for cocktail hour

How to DJ for dinner

For dinner music you’ll create another folder and label it “dinner.” You’ll want to get at least two hours of dinner music. Depending on your crowd size, dinner can take a long time. Again, more music is always acceptable and preferred. Go with slower tempo songs for dinner.

As your selecting your songs to play, envision yourself at your own reception as a guest. Think about the people that are there, the mood of the room you want. Think about what music you would enjoy listening to that also goes with the mood you want at your event.

Keep the volume level for this portion of the event low, you’re guests are sitting down eating dinner and probably having conversations with others. You will need two cds for this part too.

how to dj the dinner music

How to DJ for Dancing

This is the fun part. Now you get to select the music that’s going to get people out of their seats and on the dance floor. Get another two hours of music that’s strictly for dancing. Put the songs in a folder marked “dancing.” Don’t forget to have a couple of slow songs for slow dancing. You can put them in order as you want them played. You will need two more cds for this part.

You will also need to make another cd for the special dance songs (first dance song, bride/father dance song, groom/mother dance song, etc.). You may want to have a friend manage these songs.

how to dj wedding dance

Burn these seven cds and label them with the sharpie. Follow these steps and you will know how to dj your own event like a pro.

You will then need to rent dj equipment. The equipment should include enough to provide quality sound to all your guests. Since you now know how to dj your wedding reception, contact DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT to see how we can help you with a dj equipment rental system.

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