The 3 Laws of Honeymoon Registry Etiquette

Honeymoon Registry Etiquette

It is said that the frontline in any sector is always a shifting line. This has been the case with the wedding gifts arena. The hands of time are slowly rendering traditional registries old-fashioned like typewriter machines

A honeymoon registry is the new frontline in the world of giving gifts in weddings. Many wedding couples believe that honeymoon registry is the best thing to have happened since sliced bread.

For uninitiated to the world of honeymoon registry, it is the concept of guests gifting newly wedded couples by financing their honeymoon. However, this practice has received a frown from people who think it is a thinly veiled scheme to ask for money from the guests. Nonetheless, it is all about how you do it.

Below are some Honeymoon registry etiquette techniques to help you in your honeymoon registry.

Honeymoon Registry Etiquette

3 Laws of Honeymoon Registry Etiquette

1. Don’t force it.

Your friends need not feel as though you are forcing them to pay for your honeymoon. The whole idea about honeymoon registry is supposed to give all parties a sense of satisfaction.

You are supposed to feel satisfied due to the less expenditure attained on your honeymoon and your friends are supposed to feel satisfied that they have contributed towards something that makes the couple happy.

Including a URL in your invitation card might not go over well with your guests. It is more advisable to use the word of mouth method when informing your guests about your honeymoon registry plans.

2. Choose a superb honeymoon registry website.

A good honeymoon registry website will guide your friends and family members to contribute promptly to your honeymoon. This is because they meticulously dissect the expenses involved in the whole honeymoon affair and come up with a comprehensive list with expenses like cruise fare, hotel rates, car rental, airfare and different recreational activities expenditures.

With such a list, your family and friends will simply choose an expense that accommodates their budget.

3. Be versatile; give them an option.

It’s not a good idea to assume presumptuously that all your guests will want to pay for your honeymoon. It would be judicious to have honeymoon registries, as well as traditional registries as modes of gifting in your wedding.

Giving your guests options is courteous honeymoon registry etiquette as it rules out the notion that your guests are obliged to pay for your honeymoon.

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