Honeymoon Registry Etiquette Tips

honeymoon registry etiquette tips seattle dj

Honeymoon registry has become a hot potato in the wedding arena. This has led to many people shying away from the concept of honeymoon registry, while considering it as tacky. Nonetheless, others view it as a tasteful option away from regular gift giving.

However you look at honeymoon registry, there is seemingly no much difference between honeymoon registries and traditional gift giving because even the gifts have a cash value attached.

honeymoon registry etiquette tipsj

It would be enough to say that honeymoon registry is here to stay; hence, the need for honeymoon registry etiquette. If you are wondering how to incorporate a honeymoon registry in your wedding without coming out distastefully tacky, below are some honeymoon registry etiquette tips you should equip yourself with;

Honeymoon Registry Etiquette Tips

Accommodate Novelty

The concept of honeymoon registry might be foreign to some of your guests. Consequently, if you are going to incorporate it to your wedding, don’t assume that all your guest know the nitty gritty details of honeymoon registry. The concept of honeymoon registry is further made a tad complicated by the fact that it’s an online gifting concept. It would be polite to accommodate guests who are not in the know about honeymoon registry and explain accordingly to those who want to know more about it.

Accessibility of Information

You should make sure that the information of the honeymoon registry is easily accessible. However, making the information accessible does not give you the green light to include it in the invitation letter. Including your honeymoon registry in your invitation is downright distasteful.

If you are out of options on how best to pass the information to your guests, you might want to use the word of mouth method.

Accept Traditional registry

Do not be so set on having a honeymoon registry only. Older generations still hold dear traditional gifting. If anyone offers your traditional gifts, accept them with gratitude and grace. It would also be a good idea to give your guests choices. You will be amazed that some guests will give you something profoundly significant.

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