3 Hilarious Party Theme Ideas

3 Hilarious Party Theme Ideas

How do you plan to entertain? Do you have a secret sauce? Whatever it is… it better be good. You don’t want your guests sleeping when they should be celebrating! One good way to brainstorm on hilarious party theme ideas is to think back.

Remember the good old days? Toga parties, keg stands, beer bongs, and ugly sweaters! These kinds of parties may not have been your forte but that’s besides the point. Party themes are proven. They put your party guests in a party mood! Party themes allow your people to escape their dull lifestyles and adopt a new identity for the night! That is why we party.

Now show your guests a good time and incorporate a funny party theme that will rock their socks off.

3 Hilarious Party Theme Ideas

Tight Pants Party!

hilarious party theme ideas

When’s the last time you saw Mick Jagger pants? It used to be commonplace you know…Those gawd awful trends never die! The best part is they make for a hilarious party theme idea. Imagine those ridiculous outfits! One great way to break the ice with other party goers is to get away from the norm. Tight pants may be normal for some people, but for most, it’s an alien experience. Talk about breaking the mold!

ONESIE Themed Party Mayhem

hilarious party theme ideas

Onesies are funny in themselves. Imagine your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances partying with buttoned-up butt-laps! Talk about a funny party theme to make people laugh and let loose. This one is solid, and we highly recommend running with it.


We saved the best party theme for last. Funny party themes sometimes do not need a detailed topic or guideline. Sometimes it is best to let your party-goers go wild with their imaginations. WTF is my favorite party theme that will ensure hilarious outcomes and memories that last forever.

Good luck with your party theme! Make it a good one and easy for fun times to take hold.

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photo credit: Ariel Hershkovitz (top) Ed Kohler (middle) Carys Evans (bottom)