When are High School Reunions?

when are high school reunions seattle dj

Calling out for a high school class reunion?

It now seems difficult to get most of the people in one place in one single moment. Yes, time is such a luxury nowadays but you and your friends can surely afford it.

It’s only a matter of clear communication and proper scheduling. So, when is really the right time for a high school reunion?

When are High School ReunionsFactors To Think Of

To fix your reunion date, there are a lot of factors to consider. Think about the possible weather for the tentative date, certainly summer is the best choice.

Are your classmates in the child-rearing stage? If yes, then a vacation month when their kids are away from school and can travel with them.

You can also coordinate with your high school’s homecoming to incorporate more activities for your reunion.

Up all Night or In it for Days?

Another dilemma is whether to do it in just a day or the entire weekend? But since this is a lifetime event, why not take the most of the time you’ve got. Honestly, how can you narrate a story gap of 10, 20 years in just 5 hours?

Also, a multi-day reunion makes it more worthwhile for your friends who travelled the lands and traversed the seas and gives an ample time to get re-acquainted. So, hurry and convince your folks for some days of reunion with the possible itinerary below:

When are High School Reunions

Warm up Friday Night. Kick off the reunion activities with an informal get together. Referred to as the “Warm up”. This is definitely a great time to reintroduce everyone and loosen up with some icebreakers. This could be done in a local bar or restaurant.

Hectic Saturday. Start early the next day and take your classmates on a day tour in your old high school, a golf outing or a group shopping trip. During the night, prepare something big and glamorous for that formal reunion night!

Relaxing Sunday. Coming from a huge day before, plan for a low key and intimate Sunday. Culminate the reunion with a simple outdoor picnic or make it a family event.

When are High School Reunions

When are high school reunions? Regardless of what season, month, or day you choose, 12 to 24 months ahead, ask your classmates their pick through online poll and determine the majority vote. Also, make it a point to hire a trustworthy DJ and tell him the schedule after you have come up with a fixed date.

At the end of the day, the ‘when’ doesn’t really matter much, but the ‘who’ and ‘what happens’ gives more essence to reunions!

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