Gift Giveaway Game For A Corporate Holiday Party

gift giveaway game for a corporate holiday party dj

When it comes time to give away gifts or prizes at a corporate holiday party to employees or guests, you want to give that gift away in a fun and exciting way. No need to draw names out of a hat or something along those lines.

Here is a fun gift giveaway game I’ve used to give out gifts at a corporate holiday party.

Gift Giveaway Game For A Corporate Holiday Party

This is a game you’ll have to do some prep work for. You’ll need to know the number of tables that will be at the event. How ever many tables there will be, you will need that same amount of gifts. They could all be the same or they could all be different.

Each gift will have to be wrapped in layers and layers of wrapping paper and set on each table.

gift giveaway game for a corporate holiday party

You will also need to place a raffle ticket under one chair at each table.

When it’s time to play, I’ll explain to the guests that we are going to giveaway the gift on your table and to please look under their chairs to find a raffle ticket.

The person with the raffle ticket gets to grab the gift and I’ll usually make them think they’ve won the gift for a second.

I’ll then explain that they are to remove the wrapping paper and if it’s the gift, then they’ve one it, if there is another layer of wrapping paper underneath, then they must pass it to the next person.

The next person will then remove another layer of wrapping paper and the cycle repeats until a person removes the final layer of wrapping paper to reveal the gift. Whoever removes the final layer wins the gift.

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What other gift giveaway games have you used or seen at corporate holiday parties?

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photo credit: Jonas Nordlund (top) Torbak Hopper (bottom)