Funny Holiday Party Themes

funny holiday party themes

How to Make a Company Party Extra Hilarious

In a corporate Christmas party, aside from ordinary workers and casual personnel; CEOs, managers, and some other bosses are expected to attend.

During this special occasion, it is common for men to put on their best suits while women wear gorgeous evening gowns. The venue for this kind of party is usually a giant ballroom hall filled with big round tables and elegant decors. However, a theme like this is too formal and mainstream; and it sometimes becomes ‘awkward’ for most guests.

To avoid that ‘awkward’ feeling, why not try unique and funny holiday party themes? For workers and bosses alike, these themes will surely paint a big grin on everyone’s faces.

Company Party Theme #1: Mr. Bean Holiday

funny holiday party themesWe all know Mr. Bean and we all have an idea of what his outfit is like. For this theme, instead of asking male guests to wear formal coat and tie, ask them to wear something like Mr. Bean’s. Female guests, on the other hand, should wear something like his partner’s.

For the decoration, the venue needs to have a full-color, life-size, cardboard stand-up showing the image of Mr. Bean and his partner. This must be placed on the entrance where every male and female guest should pose for a picture.

To add some thrill, ask some bosses to choose one male and one female guest who resemble Mr. Bean and his partner the most. Before the party ends, the DJ will announce the winners. The winning pair, of course, gets a prize.

Company Party Theme #2: Everybody’s Santa

funny holiday party themesThis is one of those funny holiday party themes where everyone could laugh at anyone. Want to know why?

As the name of the theme implies, this requires every guest to wear a Santa costume. Yes, everyone; male and female alike.

By nature, Santa has a huge body; so, male guests are required to mimic that build regardless of what their normal body size is like. Females, on the other hand, should wear stylish but amusing Santa costumes.

Like the first theme, the pair donning the best/funniest costume takes home a special present.

Company Party Theme #3: Ugliest Christmas Sweater

funny holiday party themesThe sole purpose of this theme, just like other funny holiday party themes, is to add more excitement and fun to the celebration and not to offend guests in any way.

The guideline for this theme is simple; pick the ugliest Christmas sweater/costume you can find and wear it during the event. At the day of the party, you will be surprised to see what your co-workers are wearing. And they, in turn, will surely laugh at your costume too.

In addition to these funny holiday party themes, what makes any corporate party even more enjoyable is the presence of a humorous yet professional DJ from DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT.

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