Fun Wedding Cocktail Hour Music

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The cocktail hour music played at a wedding reception should be upbeat and fun. In most cases the formalities of a ceremony have just ended and it’s time to get into party mode. Fun wedding cocktail hour music is a must if you want the reception to start off right.

You may think that nobody pays attention to background music but subconsciously, people do.

The wedding cocktail hour music below are a mix of different songs we play during wedding receptions to set the tone.

Fun Wedding Cocktail Hour Music

1. Bill Withers – “Lovely Day”

It should be a lovely day for everyone including the bride and groom that’s why this song tops our list.

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2. Bob Marley – “Is This Love”

A little reggae music from Bob Marley can be mixed in with just about any style of wedding cocktail hour music.

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3. Ray LaMontagne – “You Are The Best Thing”

This song has the perfect tempo for background music during cocktail hour. Not too fast and not too slow.

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4. Ingrid Michaelson – “The Way I Am”

With such soothing vocals on this song makes this a great choice for cocktail hour background music.

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5. Ray Charles – “I Got A Woman”

The style of “I Got A Woman” can mix well with any genre.

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6. Maroon 5 – “She Will Be Loved”

Here’s a great choice for someone looking to have more modern style background music for cocktail hour.

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7. UB40 – “Red Red Wine”

This familiar song always gets people tapping there fingers and moving their feet.

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8. The Temptations – “The Way You Do The Things You Do”

This Motown classic is a great one, you might even find some early dancers get out on the dance floor to this one.

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9. Colbie Caillat – “I Do”

Since this song about saying “I do” it’s only fitting to play as background music for a wedding reception.

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10. Al Green – “Here I Am (Come Take Me)”

This mildly funky song gets everyone in a great mood as they await the bride and groom grand entrance.

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Wedding Cocktail Hour Music Playlist

Pick and choose songs from this list and build from them. The wedding reception all about fun. Starting the fun off with great wedding cocktail hour music is the first step to a successful wedding reception.

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photo credit:  Elizabeth