A Fun DJ Interactive Party Game For Adults And Kids

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Seattle Interactive DJ – The Letter Game Instructions

The letter game is a fun, DJ interactive party game that we sometimes play at company picnics or corporate holiday parties when we are the entertainment for the event.

We are usually playing this game with a series of other DJ interactive games to ultimately give out exciting prizes at the end of the night. The more guests participate in the interactive games, the better chance they will have at winning a prize.

There are a few variations on how we can play this game. In all variations, each player will receive one letter of a word that has been preselected usually relating to the company or theme of the party in some way. Only the letters of the preselected word will be used in the game to allow the letters to spell the same word over and over again.

Let’s use the word “proactive” in these first two examples.

 Interactive Party Game

Example One – Interactive Party Game With Letters

In the first variation of this DJ interactive party game, I inform the guests that the word is “proactive.” The first group of nine people that can form the word “proactive” will have to individually get in line in the order that they can spell the word using their letters.

The first team to do this is the winning team and each member will be rewarded. Something to keep in mind about this scenario is that the winning team is a random group of guests that assembled together to form the word.

Example Two – Interactive Party Game With Letters

In another variation of the game, teams can be preselected. Some examples on how we preselect teams are, if there were nine people at a table, that would become a team; 9 men vs 9 women (vs 9 kids); the accounting department, security department, human resources department; etc would be teams.

However the teams get selected they are then told to form a word using the letters they’ve been given. The first team to form the word is rewarded.

Example Three – Interactive Party Game With Letters

In this last variation of the letter game, guests are told to form a word (usually a minimum of 5 letters) and the first team to form a word on the dance floor is the winning team, we may reward first, second and third place on this variation depending on how many guests participate. This could also be used as a quick ice breaker activity to get people up and moving around.

interactive party game

To play this interactive party game, along with many others, at your next corporate event, contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation today to discuss all of the possibilities we can do to make your event a success.

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