Fun 40th Birthday Games

40th birthday games dj seattle

People will attend your party not only to mingle with others and feast on the good food served. They are also there to forget stressors and have fun.

To make your 40th birthday extra enjoyable and unforgettable, incorporating 40th birthday games is an absolute must. Playing is not only for children, it’s also best for those young at heart.

Listed below are some birthday party games you should try.

Fun 40th Birthday Games for Guests

» Picture Perfect!

This game could be a little embarrassing for the celebrant but absolutely entertaining for the invited guests.

When sending the invitations, include a note requiring your guests to bring a wacky picture of you or together with them, if there is any.

On the day of the party, collect the pictures and create a slide show. Let all guests watch the slide show and ask them to clap whenever they see funny pictures. The owner of the picture with your funniest face on it wins.

» Memory Lane

This game would be better if you have kept a copy of your high school yearbook. Scan some pictures of your classmates and/or schoolmates, especially those who have gone abroad.

Again, create a slide show and ask your guests to identify those who are in the pictures. Remember, the participants for this game are only those who went to the same school as you. The participant who can guess the most pictures wins.

» 1980’s Recall

Let’s do the Math! If you are turning 40 this year, then that means you were born in 1975. The late 1980’s until early 90’s were your teenage years. Most probably on your birthday, majority of your guests are of the same age as you. This game is perfect for them.

Prepare clips from movies that were so popular from late 1980’s to early 90’s and let your guests guess the title. Like the two other 40th birthday games above, prepare an award for the winner.

40th Birthday Games

There are dozens of 40th birthday games on the web. Regardless of what games you will try on your birthday, always remember to hire a great party DJ to set every guest on a party mode!

Contact us now to learn how our DJ entertainment services can make your 40th birthday party, a fun one.

photo credit: Stacey Huggins (top) Dustin Moore (bottom)