Five Reasonably Priced Restaurants in Seattle

reasonably priced restaurants in seattle dicks

If you’re going to be attending a wedding in Seattle, WA, there’s a chance I could be the DJ for it. If I am, let me get off to a great start by recommending some great, reasonably priced restaurants in Seattle to try during your stay.

Whether you’re a local, or you’re traveling in for that special day for someone, if you get a chance, each of these restaurants has great food to offer.

Five Reasonably Priced Restaurants in Seattle

Here are five, restaurants to try in Seattle that will not break the bank…

1. Portage Bay Cafe

This restaurant is located in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. Easy to get to by public transportation and features fresh, organic, local food.

They close at 2:30 pm daily so this place is ideal for breakfast.

2. Dick’s Drive-In

This place is also easy to get to by public transportation and serves fast food – burgers, fries and shakes. Dick’s has been a staple in Seattle since 1954 and stays open until 2:00 am. There is one on Broadway in Seattle but keep in mind it’s only outdoor, walk up window service. If you would like to sit down to eat, there is another one near the Key Arena.

Don’t forget to get the tarter for your fries.

3. Spud Fish & Chips

Spud fish and chips is also one of those restaurants that has been around for a long time. 1935 to be exact. This restaurant sits on Alki Beach. Allow enough time to see the breathtaking views of the Seattle skyline while your there.

You will want your own transportation to get there as this place is not the easiest to get to by public transportation.

4. Southern Grill

If you’re in the mood for some great soul food, Southern Grill is one of my favorites. It’s a little south of Seattle but worth the trip down. They close at 4:00 pm daily and are not open on the weekends so play accordingly.

5. I Luv Teryaki

One of the things Seattle is known for is good teriyaki. This restaurant is located in the georgetown area of Seattle and you will want your own transportation to get to this one too. They make their teriyaki sauce daily and has just the right flavor. Not too sweet but still lots of flavor.

Whatever the reason for you visiting Seattle is, I hope you get a chance to try at least one one of these mid priced restaurants.

Let me know if you tried any of them and what you thought.

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