Exceptional Engagement Party Ideas to Try

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engagement party ideas Originally, the parents of the future bride are responsible for preparing for and hosting an engagement party. However nowadays, a lot of couples prefer to do the job themselves.

Modern couples are ‘hands-on’ when it comes to their engagement party not only because they want to show their relatives and friends they are already ‘mature and responsible’ of handling big tasks, but also because they want to add their own ‘style’ to the special event.

Regardless of who prepares and hosts, coming up with unique engagement party ideas in order to make the occasion exceptional is important.

Here are two engagement party ideas you may want to try on the day you and your beloved would finally, and formally, meet each other’s relatives:

Two Engagement Party Ideas You Should Not Miss

#1: Make the theme of the engagement party completely different from the theme of your wedding.

engagement party ideas Perhaps, the people you will invite during the engagement party are the ones you will invite during the wedding day. Therefore, it is a common mistake to use the same theme during both occasions.

The engagement party should not serve as a ‘hint’ for your guests to foresee what the actual wedding would be like. Instead, to add a twist, the theme of the engagement party should be the ‘opposite’ to the theme of the wedding. For instance, if you were planning to host a formal wedding in a giant ballroom hall, then it would be ‘redundant’ to host the engagement party in a hotel.

To avoid your guests from experiencing the same event twice, mix things up a bit by hosting the engagement party at the beach. When it comes to the theme, there are more engagement party ideas you can find on the web.

#2: Make the party more engaging by asking family members, relatives, and guests to write their favorite songs and have the DJ play them.

engagement party ideas It is common for an event organizer to ask the couples what songs they love to play during the engagement party. Doing so, the songs played during the party are more likely to be similar to the songs that will be played on the ‘big day’.

To avoid this, ask your guests to write their favorite songs instead, and hand the list over to the DJ. The songs could be in whatever genre the guests want. So, during the reception, the guests will be shocked to hear country, reggae, or even rock music. Nonetheless, it would be their pleasure to hear what they have requested.

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