7 Factors That Affect DJ Services Prices

“What are your prices for DJ services?” is often the first question asked by brides and party organizers to their potential wedding or event DJ. In order for your DJ to give you an accurate quote, valuable information will be needed.

Imagine walking onto a car lot and asking “How much do you sell your cars for? without even giving the salesperson any information as to what you need out of a car. You wouldn’t do that, instead you would explain what you’re looking for and the salesperson would show you the product and give you an accurate price.

Same concept can be applied when shopping for DJ services. Prices vary depending on what is needed.


Information Needed for DJ Services Prices

Here is information you should be prepared to discuss with your potential wedding or event DJ.


  • Professional Sound Equipment – Your DJ service provider will provide you with a professional sound system. A professional sound system should be able to accommodate up to 200 guests. If your event is going to have more than 200 guests, extra sound equipment will be needed which also means extra charges.

INFORMATION NEEDED:  How many guests are you expecting?


  • Venue – The location of your venue plays a role in providing a quote. In most cities, if your DJ is going to have to travel outside of a designated area or over a certain amount of miles, that can increase the price. In extreme travel situations, lodging may even be required.

INFORMATION NEEDED:  Where is your event being held?


  • Times – In most cases the time you need your DJ for will affect the price. A four hour period versus an eight hour period will have a difference in price.

INFORMATION NEEDED:  How long will you need your DJ services for?


  • DJ Attire – In some cases, you may require your DJ to dress in a certain way that is not in the normal dress code of formal, semi-formal, business casual or casual. Depending on the outfit, this can have an affect on the price.

INFORMATION NEEDED:  How would you like your DJ to dress?


  • Music – In some rare cases, you may need your DJ to provide a lot of obscure song selections that would require a lot more research that normal and the purchasing of that music.

INFORMATION NEEDED:  What type of music will you want your DJ to play?


  • Lighting – If you are interested in dance floor lighting or up lighting, this can affect the price. Up lighting is, in most cases, a service add-on which will affect the price. Some events will have dance floor lighting included and for others, it may be an extra charge.

INFORMATION NEEDED:Will you be interested in dance floor lighting or up lighting?


  • Date – Last but not least the date can play a factor in the price. In addition to confirming your DJ is available, weekday events and off peak times of year can be lower in cost versus peak time of year or Saturdays. Major holidays or holiday weekends can affect the rate too.

INFORMATION NEEDED:What date is your event on?

Other Factors That Affect DJ Services Prices

After the above information has been provided you will now be able to be provided with an accurate quote. It is ALWAYS important to meet with your potential DJ prior to selecting the one you want to work with. Meet with about two to four DJs before making a final decision.

At that initial consultation, more details can be discussed about interactivity, fog machine, karaoke, etc. that could also affect the price of the DJ services.

Let DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT provide you a quote for your next event and show you how we can make your event fun and memorable.

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  • I had no idea that how the DJ dressed could affect the price. My brother will be getting married in the next year or so and was wondering how much it would cost to hire a DJ. I will make sure to pass this article to him so that he knows.

    • Gregory, thanks for reading… Yes it can affect the price if you require your DJ to dress a certain way that is outside of the normal dress code. For example, if someone would like their DJ to dress in a certain costume or outfit specific for your event, your DJ can possibly charge extra for that. In most cases, it’s not an issue. Thanks for forwarding this on.

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