DJ Dubreezy’s 10 Best 80s R&B Songs

Sweet melody’s parried with smooth jazz, modern drops, and head bobbin rhythm equals 80s R&B songs. Taking a trip down memory lane can be good for the soul especially when considering the best 80s R&B songs.

When its time to shift the mood and bring good vibes into the room this list does the trick. I’ve been DJing for over 20 years. Year after year I come up with playlists that bring joy to my fans. It’s time to bring back the classics. Here is a list that has had success year after year with my friends, family, clients, and my soul in particular. Check out my top picks for the 10 best 80s R&B Songs.

The 10 Best 80s R&B Songs List

1. “I Want To Be Your Man” by Zapp and Roger

Don’t you love that distortion? Zapp and Roger carry over that classic voice auto-tune from the 70’s disco era in this 80s R&B hit. It’s almost as if that wining tone, in the way they sing, digs deep into your soul and cools it with freshness (like that feeling you get when you first bite into a breath mint).

2. “Don’t Disturb This Groove” by The System

If you want to give yourself a dreamy feeling song, you’ve found it. Magical cascading sounds combo’d with love lyrics and the snaps of snare drums. What a trip. Take it to the next level in 80s R&B songs with this magic wonder.

3. “My Girly” by Ready For The World

I feel like Will Smith took a lot from this song but twisted the dance and lyrics into PG versions. Look at this 80s R&B style! That hair, don’t you miss it!? I love this quick hip moving jam.

4. “Baby Be Mine” by Michael Jackson

How can an 80s R&B song list exist without the KING OF POP! Michael Jackson’s voice, songwriting, dancing, presentation, everything. Undoubtedly a one of a kind pop prodigy from very early on.

5. “Single Life” by Cameo

This music video cracks me up. But that’s besides the point. Doesn’t this song make you just want to move? Just sitting typing this out it’s hard to resist knoddin my head! HA!

DJ Dubreezy’s Top 10 80s R&B Dance Songs

6. “Can U Dance” by The Deele

It’s easy to mistake The Deele with the infamous artist formally known as Prince in this song. Don’t be tricked, Prince had some pretty good competition early on. This song is a must-have on your 80s R&B playlist.

7. “Something Just Ain’t Right” by Keith Sweat

I want to know who was on the keyboard for that intro! What a good classic 80s R&B jam.

8. “Roni” by Bobby Brown

One of the honorable mentions. Bobby Brown is bound to be somewhere on the list when talking 80s R&B. the guy had it going on, what else can I say.

9. “Curious” by Midnight Star

What is that? Smooth piano, beautiful voice, and the Latin percussion. They tied this song together really well. Great throwback 80s R&B groove.

10. “I Like It” by DeBarge

Oh, come on…that’s all I can say. So good. Debarge was outrageously under-rated back in the day. My 80s R&B wrap-up here.

The 10 Best 80s R&B Songs Playlist

Here are the 80s r&b songs in a playlist version for your listening pleasure…

So, what do you think? I think you’re guaranteed a good day if you keep this playlist on hand. Drop me a line if you want more. We DJ all up and down the Pacific Northwest.

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Photo credit: Daniele Dalledonne

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