Corporate Holiday Party Games

The holidays can bring on a lot of stress, happiness, joy and sadness to some people and what better way to relax than at a fun corporate holiday party. Games are one of the things that makes the party fun when management and employees all come together.

When we DJ corporate holiday parties, and there are prizes to give out, we like to play a variety of fun corporate holiday party games for guests to try and win the prizes.

Here is a short list of corporate holiday party games we’ve played at the many company Christmas parties we’ve performed at:

3 Corporate Holiday Party Games We Like

1. Parking Meter Dilemma

corporate holiday party games parking meter dilemma

This is a fun interactive game that consists of all members of one table having to come up with a certain dollar amount that the DJ gives. The amount has to be in all coins and must be exact.

For example if the DJ gives $1.71 as the amount, the first table to come up with $1.71 in all coins is the winning table.

2. Scavenger Hunt

This one is an all-time favorite for guest. It involves the DJ getting 8-10 volunteers from the audience to come out to the dance floor along with their chair. The DJ will arrange the chairs in a straight line facing the audience and participants will sit down in the chairs.

The DJ will then call out an item and the participants will have to run out into the audience and find it and run back to their chair. While the participants are searching for the said item, the DJ removes a chair causing the last person back to be out.

This process continues until there is one person remaining and that person is the winner.

3. Ticket Under the Chair

This corporate holiday party game is an old classic that involves sticking a ticket under one chair at each table before the guests arrive. At some point during the party, the DJ will tell guests to look under their chairs to find a ticket.

Sometimes we put a little spin on it asking the person that had the ticket under their chair to pass it to the person on their left and tell them “congratulation, you just won the prize.”

Other Corporate Holiday Party Games Ideas

DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT has a long list of corporate holiday party games to play at company Christmas parties. These are just three of our most popular ones to play.

Contact us today to find out what kind of corporate holiday party games we can play at your next company Christmas party. We serve Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest.

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