Components of a DJ Sound System Setup

dj sound system setup

What all comes with my DJ sound system setup?

When we perform at events, our DJ sound system setup usually consists of the following 4 main components…

  • Two Speakers
  • One Subwoofer
  • Wireless Microphone
  • LED Dance Floor Lighting

Of course we’ll have all of the sound and power cables to connect all of this stuff together. Your DJ will have his or her preference on the laptop and whether they’re using turntables or a controller.

Here is a picture on instagram, from an open house we did for Kaspars Catering at the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, WA. This DJ sound system setup is our most popular setup. This is with the two LED dance floor lights.

Open house at The Center for Wooden Boats #openhouse #lakeunion #djdubreezy #seattleweddingdj #seattledj #seattle #greatfood

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In this picture, this setup has the enhanced lighting package which includes more lighting that has a strobe light and disco ball effect light with it.

Headphones will also be needed but now we’re getting into the stuff that has no effect on your event nor you should probably care about.

Detailed description of the professional DJ equipment we use.

Everything is industry standard equipment which causes you and your guests to hear what’s going on loud and clearly.

Can I have more than one DJ sound system setup?

Absolutely you can have more than one DJ sound system setup. This is mostly common for weddings. This does come with its advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage for having multiple sound systems is when it’s a wedding and the ceremony is taking place in one room or area of the venue and the reception is taking place in another room or area of the venue. Having both systems in place allows for a smooth transition for your guests when they leave the ceremony area and arrive at the reception area. The music is already going.

This also avoids your DJ from having to tear down the equipment and set it back up again which can all take place in view of your guests. Your guests also can cause a slow down as they are all going to the same room that your DJ has to move the equipment to. That ends up not being a good look.

If you are planning a wedding or an event and in need of an experienced DJ, contact Dubreezy Entertainment today to learn how our DJ services can take your event to the next level.

photo credit: Jeffrey Montes