Christmas Games for Parties for Children and Adults

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After gift giving, some Christmas parties tend to get boring. This is why several guests would rather go home early. However, Christmas games for parties are always fun icebreakers for kids and grown-ups alike; making them a little more alive. Incorporating these games into gatherings and parties will surely make all guests enjoy and stay until the event is over.

Christmas Games for Parties for Children

Holiday ABC’s

Christmas games for partiesFor this game, prepare a piece of paper and pen for each child. Starting from A to Z, they must come up with a Christmas word that relates to each letter. If most of the children attending the party are five years old and below, then divide them into teams and assign a leader who is seven to twelve years old for each group.

Christmas Ball Relay

This is similar to other relay games where the first person in line needs to relay an object to the next person by only using a spoon on his mouth and not his hands. The next person needs to do the same until the object is passed to the last person. Because it’s Christmas, it’s nicer to use Christmas balls instead of eggs.

Christmas Games for Parties for Adults

Ornament Guess

As soon as all guests are gathered together, playing this easy game kick starts the event. The mechanics is simple; ask your guests to guess the total number of ornaments on your Christmas tree. The first guest who can give the correct answer earns a prize.

Lyric Guessing Game

For this game, ask the DJ to prepare Christmas songs while you prepare something to drink – a bottle of red wine is better than hard liquor. Ask ten people to participate and let them approach the stage. The DJ will then play a Christmas song; as the music stops, the first person needs to guess the lyric that follows the last word heard. If he supplies the correct answer, then proceed to the second person. If not, then he needs to drink a shot of wine. Be prepared to laugh as one of your guests would say, “Deck the halls with Buddy Holly” instead of “Deck the halls with boughs of holly”.

Here is a video of one of the funniest Christmas games for parties for adults:

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