Christian Wedding Ceremony Outline

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There is no specific rule on how a Christian wedding should happen. However, a Christian wedding should highlight the importance of worshipping God and recognizing Him as the center of the relationship.

In addition, a Christian wedding should show the use of the Bible, the book in which Christians live by.

Most Christian weddings happen in churches, as the entire ceremony is more solemn and pristine in these venues.

Below is a Christian wedding ceremony outline. This serves as a guide for soon-to-be-couples who want to tie the knot the Christian way.

Christian Wedding Ceremony Outline: A Step-by-Step Guide


Christian Wedding Ceremony Outline

Any Christian wedding always starts with a processional. The grandparents and parents of the groom walk down the aisle and sit at one side of the venue. The grandparents of the bride, on the other hand, also walk down the aisle but sit on the opposite side.

The bridal processional follows. The minister, the groom, and the best man stand at the altar while the coin, Bible, and ring bearer, the groom’s men and the bride’s maids (in pairs), the maid of honor, and the flower girls walk down the aisle.

Then, the bridal march begins. Usually, the bride is only escorted by her father; but in some Christian countries, both parents do.

The Worship

Right after the bride faces her groom, the minister will ask the guests to stand to pay respect to the couple and for the opening prayer. After the prayer, all guests will be asked to take their seats while the parents of the bride give away their daughter. In most Christian weddings, what follows is a worship song.

Pledge / Exchange of Wedding Vows and Rings / Lighting of the Unity Candle

christian wedding ceremony outlineThis is when the question, “Do you take this man/woman to be your lawful wedded husband/wife?” is asked. Of course, this is also when the sweet “I Do” is replied, after which, the bride and groom face each other and say their wedding vows in front of witnesses –the guests. Exchange of wedding rings and lighting of the unity candle follows.

Pronouncement and Closing Prayer

As long as nobody objects, the minister will pronounce the couple as “husband and wife”. Next, as an act of blessing the newly-wed, the minister leads a prayer.

The Kiss

This part is what people call, ‘sealing it (wedding ceremony) with a kiss’.

christian wedding ceremony outline

Official Presentation of the Couple and Recessional

The minister introduces the bride and groom to everyone in attendance; stressing that the bride is now ‘Mrs. (last name of husband)’. Then, the wedding party and all guests leave the formal ceremony area and proceed to the venue of the reception.

The Christian wedding ceremony outline stated above is the solemn part of the wedding, but the reception is the ‘fun’ part. Therefore, during this time, the presence of a professional DJ from a trustworthy DJ entertainment company is necessary.

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