Why Choosing Your Wedding Music Is Easy

choosing your wedding music dj

When choosing your wedding music for your DJ to play at your wedding reception, just know that it doesn’t have to be a stressful or time consuming process.

When you hire a professional DJ to DJ for your event, you are paying for their expertise in the ability to read a crowd and use their best judgement in deciding which music to play in order to keep the party going.

choosing your wedding music

When you use Dubreezy Entertainment as your DJ entertainment provider, you are provided with your own personal online planning account. Inside that account, you will have the option to request music for your event along with many other features.

Choosing Your Wedding Music Song Limits

You will be given a limit of songs you can request. They are broken up into four categories.

  1. Must Play (10) – Songs that you absolutely want to make sure you hear at your event.
  2. Play If Possible (100) – Songs that you want to hear but will be played at the DJs discretion.
  3. Dedication (3) – A song that you want dedicated to another person, couple or group.
  4. Do Not Play (10) – Songs that you absolutely do not want played at your event.

The “play if possible” category is used to get an idea of the type and style of music you like.

Occasionally there is a fifth category and that would be “guests requests” but only if you set up your event to allow your guests to request songs prior to the event.

This is just a tool to use when choosing your wedding music, we are flexible enough if you have a list you want to email.

Planning any type of wedding or event can take a lot of time, energy and resources away. Having to choose music, after you hire a DJ can be stress free with online planning.

Let us help you plan music for your wedding  by contacting us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

photo credit: Jason Sussberg (top) PCutler (bottom)