How to choose the best wedding music for your reception.

Dancing to Wedding Music

Countless hours have went into getting your wedding party together, choosing a wedding venue, looking at wedding dresses and tuxedos, lets face it, the list can go on and on and then you reach that point when you realize – no time has went into selecting your wedding music.

Now, you’re going to have to think about cocktail hour music, dinner music, special dance songs music, open dance floor music, not to mention ceremony music (which I will address in a future post).

If choosing your wedding music is one of the last things on your wedding to-do list, here are five time saving techniques you can use to help you in choosing the best wedding music for your DJ to play at your reception.

Choosing Your Wedding Music – 5 Tips

1.  Radio Stations – Think about radio stations you and your partner enjoy listening to. Check those radio stations websites for the playlists of the music they play. You will read through that list and ideas will just start jumping out at you. Use this tip to check the radio stations websites from other cities if you are expecting guests from out of town and you want your wedding music to cater to some of them too so they can feel welcomed. Sometimes, you can even listen to the live broadcast of that station.

2. – Think about the genres you and your partner likes and check out the many charts on You’ll be able to look through the different charts of the hottest songs, hottest country songs, most radio airplay time, etc. This can help you if you want to make sure the wedding music you’re selecting is current.

Wedding Music song "Cupid Shuffle"
Wedding Music song “Cupid Shuffle”

3. Group Dance Song – Make sure you pick one or two fun group dance songs that you and all your guests will enjoy. The “cupid shuffle” is among the most popular group dance songs that couples want today. There are also songs like the “Chicken Dance” by Various Artists, “Electric Boogie (Slide)” by Marcia Griffiths, “Cha Cha Slide” by Mr. C The Slide Man, “Superman Glide” by Marquis Harris, “Macarena” by Los del Rio, “Gangnam Style” by Psy, and more. Now some of you may think this is a cheesy idea but as a Seattle DJ of 17 years, people do get out there and have fun with them. Sometimes they work as the perfect ice breaker song as well.

4. Cable TV – Most cable TV subscribers have digital music channels that play specific genres of music 24/7. If your looking for a particular type of music genre for a certain “special moment” that will happen during your wedding reception, go to that genre’s channel and listen to it for a while. Have it on as background music while your doing some chores around the house. You will come across something you like and it will usually display the title and artist of the song. Write it down and provide it to your DJ when making your wedding music selections.

5. DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT Resources Page – My resources page, on this website, will constantly be updated with free tools you can use to help you with your wedding music selections. There are specific lists from father/daughter dance songs to first dance songs that people have requested the most from the last year. These lists are particularly great for selecting the special dance songs. Browse through them and you’re guaranteed to find something that you and your partner will enjoy.

Get input on your wedding music choices.

Make sure input from you and your partner are considered when finalizing your wedding music choices. Think about your crowd also, pick songs that they will enjoy as well. Consider even allowing your guests to make their own requests prior to your event.

Be careful not to pick songs that are great songs but not the best danceable song. These songs can empty a dance floor in four seconds. Consider using them during the cocktail hour or dinner portion of your reception.

Ask your professional DJ what he or she thinks about the songs you’ve selected. A great DJ should have some input on all the songs on your list.

To get more information on selecting the best wedding music for your reception, contact DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT today and schedule some time for us to sit down and discuss your wedding reception needs. Lets start planning your wedding reception entertainment today.

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