How To Celebrate 40th Birthday Party Successfully

How To Celebrate 40th Birthday Party seattle dj

They say, “life begins at 40!” Well, to be a year older is always special but turning 40 could be the best experience of all and it certainly deserves an unforgettable celebration.

Regardless if you’re planning to hold a big party or just a simple celebration with family, relatives, and close friends; there are a couple of tips to follow on how to celebrate 40th birthday.

If you are prepared a few months or days before your birthday, then you can spend more time with your guests during the actual celebration.

6 Steps on How to Celebrate 40th Birthday Party

How To Celebrate 40th Birthday Party1) Think of a theme.

If you love poker or have always dreamed of going to Las Vegas, then how about a Casino-themed party? Otherwise, if Bahamas is your dream vacation destination, then you can go for a beach-themed party.

2) Decide on a venue.

If you have chosen a beach party, then of course book a beach resort. The venue actually relies on the theme you want. You also have the option to celebrate your 40th birthday at a hotel. If your lawn is spacious enough, then spending your birthday at home is fine as well.

3) Make invitations.

Like the venue, the design of your invitation is dependent upon your chosen theme too. Once you have finished making the invitations, send them to your guests a few weeks in advance. This way, they will have enough time to prepare and you will have enough time to know who will be attending and who will not attend.

4) Book ahead of time.

This includes booking the beach resort, hotel, photographer, and of course, the experienced party DJ.

How To Celebrate 40th Birthday Party5) Prepare the menu.

If you will celebrate your birthday at a hotel, then the reservation would normally include the food. Otherwise, if you just want to celebrate it at home, then it would mean you have to do all the cooking. And, cooking takes a lot of time! To make this task easier, plan the menu and buy all the ingredients in advance.

6) Enjoy!

So, your birthday has come! The guests are here. Since you have prepared enough, all you have to do now is enjoy your big day.
Turning 40 in few months?

Follow all the six steps on how to celebrate 40th birthday party above and do not forget to hire a seasoned DJ from Dubreezy Entertainment!

Contact us today to discuss an entertainment plan for your 40th birthday party.

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