The Best Quinceanera Themes

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Quinceanera is a famous Latin American event celebrated during a girl’s fifteenth birthday. This celebration marks the transition of a young girl to being a young woman. Especially to families belonging to the ‘alta de sociedad’, quinceanera is celebrated to formally introduce a girl to the society. Different countries celebrate quinceanera differently. However, most of them typically have the same events such as the entrance of the celebrant accompanied by her father.

When planning for a quinceanera party, picking one theme out from the many quinceanera themes is crucial. Quinceanera themes serve as a guide for the celebrant and the event organizer to plan what the design and style of the invitation and gown would be. Quinceanera themes also serve as the basis for the decoration, the favors, and the venue.

The Best Quinceanera Themes for a Perfect Quince

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Option #1: Purple Masquerade

The best venue for a masquerade ball is a hotel. The ideal colors for this theme are purple, hot pink, light pink, and black. With this theme, the celebrant can opt for a long, silk gown of the same colors. Among the many quinceanera themes, a masquerade is the most common.

Option #2: Vintage Hollywood

In contrast to other quinceanera themes, a vintage Hollywood theme is not so common but will definitely bring more glamour to the event. The best inspirations for this theme are Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marilyn Monroe. The ideal colors for the invitations, decors, and gown are white, off-white, silver and other metallic shades.

Option #3: Disney Princess
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We know that some of the famous Disney princesses are Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora and Rapunzel. Being the celebrant, you have the option to just follow the style of their gowns. However, to be unique, you can pick the same colors yet choose a different style.

The Disney Princess theme is one of the most famous quinceanera themes. Why? Who doesn’t want to be a princess even just for a single day?

Check out this video to learn more quinceanera themes.

After choosing one theme from dozens of quinceanera themes available, the next important thing to do is to hire a quinceanera DJ. This is because a quinceanera party involves a lot of dancing; from the waltz to the first, second, third, and last period of dancing.

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