5 Secrets Only The Best DJs Know About

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When you’re searching for a DJ for an event, you want to make sure you get your pick from only the best DJs around. That’s why it’s important to use care when choosing the right DJ to work with.

If you’re planning an event in the Pacific Northwest and want your pick from the best DJs in Seattle, they must possess these five traits.

5 Laws That The Best DJs Follow

1. FUN best djs in seattle

You’re DJ must be fun, this is the person that is in charge of the delivery of the event’s entertainment. The last thing you want is a boring person that is supposed to be entertaining you and your guests. Make sure you have a fun person for the job.


You’re DJ must also have some swag. In other words, classy.  Even though your DJ may not intend to be the center of attention, there are times when he or she will be by making announcements or even some type of technical malfunction. Your DJ should be able to keep the event under control even in the worst circumstances.


You want to make sure your DJ is a professional at what he or she does. There should be details in writing about the who, what, when, where, and why. Also, any interaction with them that you have should be professional.


After meeting with your potential DJ that hopefully you would have chosen from only the best DJs, you should walk away wanting to book that DJ right away.


Last but certainly not least, please make sure your DJ is accommodating. Song requests, extra mics if needed for other speeches or extra speakers if there are multiple rooms or areas should all be discussed and able to be provided by your DJ.

Work With Only The Best DJs

best djs in seattleWhen you’re conducting your interviews on potential DJs, you should walk away from that meeting having felt a sense for each of these characteristics.

When you’ve found one, make sure you do these 8 must do things before signing a DJ service contract.

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