Top 10 Bay Area Hip Hop Dance Songs

bay area hip hop dance songs

Bay Area Hip Hop Songs

I recently attended a concert featuring bay area hip hop artists P- Lo and Rexx Life Raj. and Seattle’s own 40 Groove who did a fantastic job by the way. As a result, I was exposed to all kinds of great “hyphy” music that I wasn’t familiar with. It reminded me of “Hyphy Night” back when I used to DJ nothing but bay area hip hop music on Thursday nights at Twilight Martini Lounge in downtown Seattle’s Belltown area.

Here is a video clip of P-Lo performing “Put Me On Something”

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The club has since changed names and no “Hyphy Night” goes on at the moment. Being at this concert did give me an itch to get “Hyphy Night” started again. Nonetheless, it also inspired me to write this blog post about the best bay area hip hop dance songs.

Some of these are the songs I would play at “Hyphy Night” and some are newly discovered since then.

Top 10 Bay Area Hip Hop Dance Songs

1. Kool John and P. Lo – “On One” feat Iamsu (2015)

2. Clyde Carson – “No Sleep” (2014)

3. Mac Dre – “Get Stupid” (2004)

4. Mista F.A.B. – “N.E.W. Oakland” feat Bavgate and G-Stack (2005)

5. P-Lo – “Put Me On Something” feat E-40 (2017)

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6. Kool John – “Blue Hunnids” feat P-Lo (2015)

7. G-Eazy – Calm Down (2015)

8. E-40 – “Red Cup” feat T Pain, Kid Ink and B.O.B. (2014)

9. Clyde Carson – “Slow Down” feat The Team (2012)

10. E-40 – “Sliding Down The Pole” (2008)

Bay Area Hip Hop Playlist

Here are all of the songs in a playlist format for your listening pleasure…

If you are a fan of bay area hip hop music then you and I both know this list can go way longer than 10 songs. Please feel free to add your favorites in the comments below and don’t be surprised of you see a bay area hip hop music night soon in Seattle again.

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