Bar Mitzvah For Isaac At The Washington Athletic Club

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A little change in the usual routine from DJing for weddings, a Bar Mitzvah for Isaac at the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) to DJ for. Myself and another MC from Dubreezy Entertainment although we alternated roles throughout the night, between DJ and MC. A photo booth, air brush t-shirt designer and lots of swag were also on hand for the festivities.

Guests started to arrive at 6:30pm as we had a mix of current and classic fun, upbeat background music.

We also started the “no” game, a game in which participants are not allowed to say “no”. Only the kids played this game and all the games for that matter with the exception of the limbo, some adults did get involved with that one which we did a little later in the evening.

100 people were expected and 100 people showed up. 40 kids and 60 adults was the breakdown. Uplighting was also brought to this event with the colors being set to pink and purple.

Here is a group photo I took with the kids…

bar mitzvah at the WAC

Isaac Bar Mitzvah Recap – WAC

For the first 45 minutes, we played some other games like the over/under balloon game, had some hula hoop contests and did some group dances.

Once 7:15pm came around, we invited guests to take their seats for dinner. Before dinner was brought out, we heard a speech from the parents of Isaac welcoming guests and thanking them for coming then dinner was served at around 7:30pm.

After dinner most of the kids went to the air brush t-shirt booth so we played some music for the younger older people with a mix of classic rock and top 40 for about 15 minutes then went into the hora. Here is a short clip of it…

After a few songs for general dancing, we got started with a few more games. This time we did two scavenger hunts and the limbo contest.

Then we gave out the prizes by drawing from the tickets that kids wrote their names on that they’ve won throughout the night by doing well in the games we had been playing.

Two $10 gift cards to Menchies, two $10 ones for Starbucks and the grand prize was a $25 gift card to Nike.

After the prizes were given out, it was just a dance party for the last half hour for everyone.

It was a fun night for all at the WAC.

Here is the feedback left from the client:

[tmq_testimonial who=”Nellie A. | Seattle, WA | Bar Mitzvah | October, 2015″]I almost never give consistent 5 star reviews for anything, but Dubre’s professionalism and his ability to get people excited and dancing is truly incredible! He had a challenge –getting 13 year olds to dance is not easy, but at my son’s bar mitzvah the kids never left the dance floor –even when the parents were out there! The MC who worked with Dubre was the most enthusiastic MC I’ve ever seen.  His energy level never waned, even into the wee hours. It’s been only one day since our event and my voice mail box is full of messages from people raving about how much fun they had dancing.[/tmq_testimonial]

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