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8 Awesome Old School R&B First Dance Wedding Songs

BY IN Music Tips, Playlists On June 2, 2014

Old School R&B First Dance Wedding Songs

If you’re reading this article, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re in the planning stages of the biggest day of your life. Your Wedding!!! Congratulations!!!

If you and your partner are fans of old school r&b, here are some old school r&b first dance wedding songs that I think are great choices. I hope this article makes it easy for you to choose one.

8 Old School R&B First Dance Song Ideas

1. Eric Benet featuring Tamia – Spend My Life With You (1999)

This is probably the king of all old school r&b first dance wedding songs.

2. Tony Terry – “With You” (1991)

If you like old school r&b music, this was your favorite song at some point.

3. John Legend – “Stay With You” (2004)

The lyrics in this song makes this one a perfect choice for a first dance song.

4. Surface – “Happy” (1987)

This one is upbeat so this would be good if you plan on dancing with energy and making it fun, you could also transition out of something slow into this. This could also be used if you plan on inviting other couples out to join you on the dance floor.

5. Luther Vandross – “So Amazing” (1989)

The smooth voice of Luther Vandross can not be left of this list, in fact there are a total of three Luther songs that made this list. Here’s the first one.

6. Luther Vandross – “Always And Forever” (1994)

Luther’s old school r&b first dance wedding song number two. You can also use the version by Heatwave released in 1976 if you want the original.

7. Luther Vandross – “Here And Now” (1989)

Luther’s old school r&b first dance wedding song number three

8. Atlantic Starr – “Always” (1987)

All time classic!!!

Old School R&B First Dance Songs Playlist

Here you can enjoy all 8 first dance songs in a playlist.

Did you use any of these songs? If so, how did they work out for you? Do you have any other ideas for old school r&b first dance wedding songs?

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photo credit:  Nick Mote


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