Anniversary Gifts By Year

wedding anniversary gifts by year

An anniversary is an important thing to celebrate! In your early years of marriage, it’s nice to have an intimate celebration with you and your significant other and reflect on the journey that the two of you have taken together. But as your marriage continues to grow and flourish, you may want to celebrate with friends and family and maybe even renew your vows! Or perhaps you want to recreate your reception and hire a DJ to encourage friends to dance into the night, just like on the night you were married.

If you’re planning a party for a milestone wedding anniversary, it may be appropriate to theme it based on the anniversary gift of the year. These items symbolize where you are in your relationship. For example, crystals are the item designated to the 15th anniversary. They symbolize an investment of time and transparency in the relationship. Gold is meant for the 50th anniversary. It is the most prized metal, just like all those years spent together hold prized memories.

For more insight into each year’s traditional and modern gifts, you can view the infographic below.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts by Year

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