Alison And Kelly’s Georgetown Ballroom Wedding Celebration

georgetown ballroom wedding toast

Alison and Kelly’s Georgetown Ballroom wedding celebration, in Seattle, WA turned out the be a grand affair full of class and lots of energy. All these brides wanted was a dance party and that’s what they got.

Before we got to the dance party, there were a lot of other things that took place. This wedding went from 5:00pm to 11:00pm with 150 guests in attendance.

Georgetown Ballroom Wedding Ceremony

Guests arrived to prelude background music, that started at 4:30pm, with a mix of blues, early rock and pop songs fast and slow. Artists like John Hiatt, Joe Jackson and Ray Charles were included in the mix.

Georgetown Ballroom Wedding

The ceremony started off with the officiant taking her place and the parents of the brides coming down the aisle to take their seats in the front row.

Next down the aisle were 19 “flower people” so you could imagine how covered the floor of the georgetown ballroom was with flower petals. Here is a clip of some of the “flower people” as they came down the aisle. They really got into it too…

Their daughter was the last to come down the aisle and then came the brides down the aisle together.

There were a couple of readings from people and they decided to sign the marriage license during the ceremony, after that, it became official and we were one step closer to a dance party.

Here are the song choices for the ceremony:

  • Seating of the parents song – “Everyday” by Buddy Holly
  • “Flower people” song – “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Lick The Tins
  • Brides processional song – “Empathy” by Alanis Morissette
  • Marriage license signing song – “Budapest” by George Ezra
  • Recessional song – “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina And The Waves

Georgetown Ballroom Wedding Reception

Guests were invited out on the back patio for cocktail hour where the georgetown ballroom wedding staff placed speakers outside so guests were still able to hear the cocktail hour background music. The background music for cocktail hour and dinner was a mix of New Orleans jazz and big band music.

The staff also had to transition the room from ceremony to reception, the brides joined their guests after taking some group photos with family and friends.

After about an hour passed by, guests were invited to take their assigned seats for dinner and then MC Kenny and I did the grand entrance for the brides with them coming from behind a red curtain and all.

  • Grand Entrance Song – “Let The Good Times Roll” by Ray Charles And The Count Basie Orchestra

Alison welcomed everybody and then we dismissed tables one by one to the buffet by having guests answer trivia questions after sending the brides through first of course.

Three people were scheduled to do the toast and Kelly closed out the toast after that.

Instead of doing a cake cutting ceremony, the brides decided to have a “stick a fork in it” ceremony and that’s what they did instead of cutting the cake.

  • Stick a fork in the cake song – “Sugar, Sugar” by Wilson Pickett

After that, guests were invited over to the dance floor to watch the brides do their first dance. They chose a custom edit of “Jaywalking” by Emily Kaitz then some transitioning sound effects into “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon. Here is a clip of the first dance…

After this, there were no other special dances but rather a high energy dance party with a mix of songs from the blues, top 40, classic rock, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

It was a pleasure to work with Alison and Kelly on their Georgetown Ballroom wedding and congratulations to the two of them.

Georgetown Ballroom Wedding

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