8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas

8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas

If you’re looking for some 8th grade graduation party ideas, check out this post about a recent 8th grade graduation party DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT provided DJ and Emcee services for. It was a four hour event, the first two hours were picnic and games/contests/activities and the second two hours were swimming. So it’s like two ideas in one.

The forecast called for rain but shelter was provided by the picnic area and tents were provided by the pool area so DJ entertainment was covered.

The clients also provided a generator as an electricity source so setup was next.

8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas – Part I

Setup only took about 20 minutes since it was just a basic sound system with a wireless mic. We also brought hula hoops for some interactive games and contests.

DJ music started at 6:00 pm as guests arrived. It was a mix of current top 40 and hip hop with artists like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea. Any kind of candy, donuts, cake was provided to guests. It was like you were in a bakery and a candy store at the same time. There were also hot dogs, cheeseburgers and a fruit and veggie tray but sweets definitely outnumbered that stuff.

At around 6:20 pm, they had a three legged race where you tie you and your partners legs together and race with all the other pairs using “three” legs. Gift baskets filled with movie tickets, cash, more candy and various other trinkets were provided to the winners.

I Emceed the the next few games and we did an egg/spoon race, hula hoop contest, and some other interactive DJ games we do. That all lasted for about an hour and then all the attendees were provided bags to fill up on all the sweets that were there and finish up the left over hot dogs and burgers.

8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas

I also provided some group dance songs such as the “Wobble” and “Cha Cha Slide” during this time.

8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas – Part II

After dancing, it was time for the pool party. Some of the parents that were there assisted with the DJ equipment move. The move took about a half hour after tearing down, moving and setting back up. Once the setup was complete, it was back to party music.

The graduates swam in the pool while all the party hits were provided from Jason Derulo to Michael Jackson.

There were still a couple prizes left over so I was asked to play a couple more games so we did the heads or tails game and ended with the limbo contest. It did finally rain towards the end of the night but that didn’t slow the party down at all.

8th grade graduation party ideas

Let DUBREEZY ENTERTAINMENT provide you with an 8th grade graduation party DJ. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your next event awesome and fun.

photo credits: Brian Wilson (top) Ian D. Keating (middle) Bo Gordy-Stith (bottom)

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