7 Habits of a Highly Effective Wedding DJ

When you’re choosing a DJ for your wedding, you don’t want just a “wedding DJ” to DJ your wedding, you want a “highly effective wedding DJ” to DJ your wedding.

What makes a wedding DJ highly effective?

There are seven habits that wedding DJs need to possess to be considered highly effective wedding DJs. As I get into the habits, I will refer to the wedding DJ as “he” or “him” throughout this article, not to take anything away from female wedding DJs but rather for the sake of writing a smooth and easy to read article.

The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Wedding DJ

1. Approachable

Your DJ needs to be in the habit of being approachable. He will act as your emcee, that means you, your guests or other wedding professionals may need to approach him with questions about stuff, for information needed, he may be needed to make an announcement or people may want to make song requests. An approachable DJ will make it easy for others to communicate with him which then makes it a smooth day.

2. Flexible

Flexibility is needed from your wedding DJ because last minute changes may arise. You may have been indecisive about your first dance song and want to change it at the last minute. You may want to add something to the timeline for whatever reason. A DJ who is flexible can adapt to these changes on the fly all while still maintaining a natural flow to your big day.

3. Organized

Organization is huge because being organized means no details will fall through the cracks. Couples may want songs stopped or faded in at certain times, song requests may be made and your DJ needs to be able to have the request ready to go if it’s going to get played. An organized wedding DJ makes for a smooth running event.

4. Research

A highly effective wedding DJ does his research to stay on top of industry trends, new music, new technology and is constantly learning new techniques to perfect his craft. Pre-planning with your other wedding professionals also falls under this category. This ensures everyone is on the same page so you can enjoy your wedding day.

5. Patience

A wedding DJ who is in the habit of being patient is important because let’s face it, unexpected things can happen. Your DJ needs to have the patience it will take to be able to solve certain issues or work with others to solve certain issues that can come up.

6. Experienced

You want your wedding DJ to have what it takes to perform at your wedding. This will impress your family and friends and ensures everyone will have a great time. This can only be carried out by an experienced wedding DJ.

7. Attentive

Being attentive is important because your wedding should have a nice, smooth natural flow to it. Wedding DJs need to be aware when it’s time to move from one thing to the next during your reception without your guests feeling antsy. Your DJ also needs to be attentive to volume levels for music and vocals during speeches, know when to play certain songs at the appropriate times and just to keep the overall feel to your event fun.

Your wedding DJ is a key factor in the outcome of your event. This is why it’s important to not just a hire “wedding DJ” but a “highly effective wedding DJ” for your wedding.

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photo credit: Alex Moomey