5 West Coast Wedding Venues For A Bride & Groom Who Want To Party

People seek out different things when looking for wedding venues. Some are looking for the most convenient or affordable option; some want a beautiful location that will make for excellent pictures; some seek remote paradises, and others want to get married close to home. Aside from all of these considerations though, you should also think about what kind of wedding reception you want to have. It can be traditional, elegant, exciting, themed, big, small, etc. But above all you should ask yourself: do you really want to party?

If the answer to that question is yes, you’ll have a few follow-up questions to consider. Of course you’ll want to think about what kind of DJ you’re going to hire, and you’ll also want to think about what specific steps you can take to get everyone in a festive, high-energy frame of mind following the ceremony. But you’ll also want to think about the wedding venue specifically with regard to the idea of throwing a real party once you’re married. We have a few suggestions in that regard.

1.) Cultura Events Center – Tacoma, Washington

This is one we’ve actually mentioned before, in looking at Tacoma area venues. We won’t spend too much time rehashing it, but suffice it to say it’s a great place for a party. With over 10,000 square feet of reception space and a state of the art sound system, it’s just built for a particularly festive wedding crowd.

2.) Vibiana – Los Angeles, California

Here’s something you probably don’t expect to read in an article like this: Vibiana is actually a converted cathedral. It was built in 1876 as the Catholic Archdiocese in LA, designed in the Spanish Baroque style and actually in specific imitation of a cathedral in Spain. Now you can just imagine what it might be like to get married in the gorgeous, empty cathedral. The space can be used for your ceremony and then converted to a reception area, with bright lights and refreshments brought in. There’s just something unbelievably cool about throwing a big party in a former 19th century church in the middle of LA. Need we say more?

3.) Brookside Equestrian Center – Walnut, California

“Equestrian Center” doesn’t really put you in the frame of mind for a party, off the bat. But any outdoor wedding in California can be beautiful, and it just so happens that this particular equestrian center is breathtakingly beautiful. Think of an open grassy area with low trees dotted here and there, tables and chairs set up in elegant arrangements, and lights streaming between posts and trees. It’s like a party out of a fairy tale, and one you and your guests will never forget.

4.) Planet Hollywood – Las Vegas, Nevada

Where better to go than a Vegas casino for a more festive wedding? It goes without saying that your guests can keep themselves entertained around town in the hours or even days leading up to the wedding. But it might surprise you to learn that Planet Hollywood actually recently made a list of the best casino resorts in the entire world for weddings. Decked out in glitz and glamour, with a decent sized wedding chapel and plenty of space for post-ceremony festivities, it’s a pretty great all-encompassing venue. The aforementioned article also noted that Elvis and Priscilla Presley got married here, which should add some extra fun to the idea.

5.) Sunriver Resort – Sunriver, Oregon

As you might imagine with a noteworthy wedding resort in Oregon, this is something of a destination regardless of whether or not you’re getting married. However, the resort grounds are terrific for receptions, and the “Great Hall” looks like a sort of Viking feast hall (in a good way). Everything from floor to bannister to ceiling is made of wood, and bright chandeliers hang from the ceiling, making it well lit but completely rustic in feeling. You can arrange tables and chairs however you like, but generally speaking there’s a lot of open space for the party.