5 Steps on How to Choose a Wedding DJ

how to choose a wedding dj seattle

Determining how to choose a wedding DJ who can give you everything you need with regards to hosting, music, and party during and after the reception is tricky.


First, there are dozens of DJ’s out there who promise to give you the best but ask for a sky-rocketing professional fee. On the other hand, there are ‘affordable’ DJ’s but do not have state-of-the-art DJ equipment. If you hire this kind of DJ, then you are literally settling for less!

Below are some steps in choosing a seasoned wedding DJ. Follow these steps and ensure fun and excitement on your big day

How to Choose a Wedding DJ: 5 Simple Steps

1) Sort out available DJ’s near your location. Make a short list of DJ’s who provide services in your area.

After knowing the company they work for, read reviews about them online. If you do not have the luxury of time to do these things, then ask your friends for recommendations.

2) Make sure the DJ is available on the day of your wedding. What’s the use of going through the lengthy question and answer portion of the booking process only to find out that the DJ you have chosen isn’t available on your wedding day?

First things first! Do not be overwhelmed by all the things that need your attention

3) Look for a written contract or work agreement. A written contract is among the indicators of a DJ’s reliability and professionalism. The contract should comprehensively indicate the services to be performed and/or provided during the event. Most importantly, it should also specify the amount of the professional fee.

4) Determine what types of equipment the DJ uses, his or her style, and if he or she has a back-up system. The more modern the DJ’s gadgets are the better. Although this sounds like being too meticulous, we can’t deny the fact that turntables are prone to wear and tear which in turn could affect the overall sound quality of the music the DJ provides.

A back-up system, on the other hand, is synonymous to having spare tires when driving. In case something goes wrong, the DJ should have extra stuff like a microphone or mixer.

5) Ask questions. The best way to know what your DJ is capable of and what he can provide is by asking him questions. If you, as a future client, means to him, then he will put the necessary efforts to answer all your questions. This is a way of determining his dedication to his job!

How to choose a wedding DJ? All it takes is your time and effort. At Dubreezy Entertainment, we have the best DJ’s who can make your wedding fun, memorable, and like none other!

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