5 Must Have Wedding Selfies

wedding selfies

5 Must Have Wedding Selfies

Your wedding day is an exciting day. It may start off a little bit stressful and nerve-racking but should ultimately end with a party. That moment when your officiant introduces you to all your guests as the new Mr. and Mrs. (whatever your name is) is the official transition into party time.

With the growing popularity of instagram, which is also referred to as “ig” at times, make your wedding day a perfect day to capture some of those special moments with wedding selfies to share them on instagram.

Here is a list of wedding selfies to take at your wedding reception:

Wedding Selfie #1 – “The Newlywed Selfie”

At the end of your wedding ceremony, as your walking out for the recessional just as you’re about to clear the audience, take a wedding selfie with all your guests and wedding party, who is also exiting, in the background.

This will be a great shot since your guests will be standing up clapping and cheering and your wedding party members will be walking down the aisle towards you.

Wedding Selfie #2 – “The Wedding Party Selfie”

Get a wedding selfie with your wedding party making sure you are closest to your maid/matron of honor and your best man.

A great time to take this selfie is after your wedding DJ has introduced you and the wedding party into the wedding reception, have your wedding party gather around as you reach the designated destination in the wedding reception area for this wedding selfie.

Wedding Selfies #3 – “The Dinner Selfie”

When you visit all the individual tables during the wedding reception, make sure you get a selfie with each table. Great way to include all your guests

Wedding Selfie #4 – “The First Dance Selfie”

While you’re out on the dance floor enjoying your first dance together as a married couple, take a selfie, you should get some great facial reactions from your guests in the background.

Wedding Selfie #5 – “The Wedding DJ Selfie”

Of course you must get a selfie with the your wedding DJ. Go over to the DJ booth, stand in front of it and have your wedding DJ in the background. Make sure you tag your DJ and share it with him or her.

Share some links to some of your favorite wedding selfies in the comments below, I’d love to see them.

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photo credit:  Jason Hansen