40th Anniversary Party Ideas for an Awesome Celebration

40th anniversary party ideas dj seattle

According to tradition, the 40th year of marriage is associated with the stone Ruby. Ruby, being one of the most coveted gemstones, symbolizes love and passion. Some say that in the heart of this stone is a burning flame that grows brighter as the year passes; just like the unflickering flame of a forty-year marriage.

To survive 40 long yet blissful years of marriage is such a great accomplishment and it certainly calls for a grand celebration.

Aside from the event organizer, it is the responsibility of children and grandchildren to ensure their parents’ and/or grandparents’ wedding anniversary becomes a success.

Here are some 40th anniversary party ideas you can try for a successful, fun-filled, unforgettable, and awesome event for everyone!

Clever 40th Anniversary Party Ideas

40th anniversary party ideas» THEME: As mentioned, Ruby is the gemstone (symbol) for a 40th wedding anniversary. This signifies that when deciding for the decorations, red should always be present. Red and white is simple and neat; while red and gold is elegant and bold.

» VENUE: Actually, you can celebrate at home, at a beach resort, or perhaps, at a ballroom hall in a hotel. However, if you want something unique, then you can either have your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary in the place where they were wed or the place where they first met.

40th anniversary party ideas» DECORATIONS & CENTERPIECE: Flowers and balloons are always present in every party.

To make the 40th anniversary party more romantic, add scented candles and/or stylish candle lanterns.

For the centerpiece, fresh red and white roses are perfect.

» CAKE: Among the many 40th anniversary party ideas, the one I think is the cleverest is the idea of replicating the original wedding cake. Then, at the top of the cake, you place a before and after photo. ‘Before’ basically means a photo of the couple during their wedding while ‘after’ means their recent picture. Here are some Ruby wedding anniversary cake designs.

» ENTERTAINMENT: Who else can make the party livelier than a seasoned wedding anniversary DJ?

Planning to give your parents a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party? Call us today and we will help you plan the best celebration of their married life!

photo credits:  Adam Baker (top) Gemtech1 (middle) Liz West (bottom)