20 Wedding Shoe Game Questions

wedding shoe game questions

The wedding shoe game, and the questions that go along with it, is a fun interactive wedding reception activity to do when you want to add something to your wedding reception that you don’t always see at others.

Here is a rough outline of how we do it, we throw some other surprises in there but here the basic setup:

  • DJ/MC will introduce the game and invite Bride and Groom out to the dance floor
  • Bride and Groom will be instructed to sit back to back on the dance floor (in chairs of course) or standing
  • Bride and Groom will remove both shoes and exchange one of their shoes with each other
  • DJ/MC will ask the wedding shoe game questions (see below)
  • For example “Who is more likely to forget something?”
  • If they think the answer is the groom then they would raise his shoe and vice versa
  • DJ/MC will keep track of the matches (the higher the matches the more they know each other, the lower the score, well…)

It’s basically a game to see how well the bride and groom know each other.

wedding shoe game questions

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

We can ask as many or as little questions, it is up to the couples discretion.  Here are 20 of our favorite wedding shoe game questions we like to ask:

  1. Who studied harder in school?
  2. Who made the first move?
  3. Who is more creative?
  4. Who is better at keeping surprises?
  5. Who will do most of the cooking?
  6. Who is better looking or hotter? (wait for it)
  7. Who said I love you first?
  8. Who will be in control of the remote
  9. Who’s feet stink the worst?
  10. Who is more likely to drop their phone in a toilet?
  11. Who is the better dresser?
  12. Who is more likely to get lost?
  13. Who will deal with the spiders?
  14. Who is more likely to get lost?
  15. Who is right most of the time?
  16. Who is neater or more organized?
  17. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  18. Who is the bigger flirt?
  19. Who dances better?
  20. Who do you love most in the world at this moment?

We have many more questions available to choose from and sometimes we ask the guests for questions beforehand. We will go thru them to not ask any inappropriate ones.

wedding shoe game questions

Wedding Shoe Game Questions Scoring Chart

If we are using the same example of 20 questions as above, the scoring would look something like this:

  • (0-5) Hmmm, good luck!!
  • (6-10) A few surprises are awaiting you.
  • (11-15) You are both very compatible.
  • (16-20) This is a match made in heaven.

What other fun wedding shoe game questions do you think should be asked?

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photo credits:  E.T (top) Sung Sook (middle) Daniel Parks (bottom)