2 Fun Ways To Dismiss Tables At A Wedding

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When you’re at a wedding reception that’s having a buffet dinner, it feels like dinner can’t be ready soon enough. It’s usually been a long day starting with the ceremony and by now,your stomach should be trying to eat you from the inside out.

When it comes time to release guests, one of the ways to dismiss tables at a wedding is to do it in a fun way.

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Please note we only start to dismiss tables after the bride, groom, wedding party and family members have gone through.

Here are a few sample questions we use when dismissing tables to the buffet.

Two of the ways we dismiss tables at a wedding.

I’ll ask a series of questions, here are few of them:

  • Who traveled the farthest?

People will raise their hands and I’ll point them out and they’ll say a place like Houston, Texas, one more mile, two more exits. Some hands will go down and some will stay up. The next person called on might say Boston so then I’ll ask if there’s anyone that traveled farther than Boston and occasionally you’ll get some overseas guests and in that event, they’ve usually won.

Whoever it is that did travel the farthest, all guests sitting at the table get to go through the buffet next.

  • First person to show me something with the Starbucks logo on it gets to go next.

This one was a custom one that I did where the bride worked at Starbucks and a lot of her co-workers were there. First person that showed me something with the Starbucks logo on it, their table was sent next through the buffet.

There are other questions we’ll ask to dismiss tables or even other ways that we’ll dismiss tables at a wedding but this is some of the interactive stuff I’ll do.

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photo credit:  Bill McChesney