2 Awesome Hula Hoop Games

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Some of the many interactive DJ games we play at corporate events (holiday parties or company picnics, etc) involve hula hoops. Here is a description of two hula hoop games we play when we are the DJ entertainment provider at such events.

One Of Two Hula Hoop Games

Of course there is the good old time favorite hula hoop contest. We typically do men vs women or even men vs women vs kids. We can also make teams using company departments, all the people sitting at each table can form a team, etc.

Let’s use men vs women vs kids in this example.

We will start by getting all the kids out to grab a hula hoop and find out who can hula hoop the longest by spinning the hula hoop around their waist. Once the strong hula hoopers are left still going, we will start to give them challenges like:

  • walk five steps backwards
  • close your eyes
  • and in extreme cases, add a second hula hoop

Once we find out who can hula hoop the longest out of the kids, we will repeat with the men and women. Each winner is rewarded at the end of the rounds.

Finally, we will have a final round that will determine who can hula hoop the longest out of the men, women and children using the winners from each of the previous rounds. The winner of the final round is rewarded again and all the other people in the winner’s category will also be rewarded. For example, if the women win than all the women will be rewarded. This is one of two hula hoop games we play, learn about the other below.

hula hoop games

Two Of Two Hula Hoop Games

In this second hula hoop game we’ll play, we have the teams join hands in a straight line. They are to pass the hula hoop down the line without letting go of their partners hand by stepping through the hula hoop.

The first team to get hula hoop all the way down the line is the winning team

Here is an example of a 2nd grade class playing, they are in a circle but more times than not we’ll do it in a straight line, it usually just depends on space.

We typically play these hula hoop games, along with other DJ interactive party games, with the purpose of participants having a chance to win exciting prizes at the end of the event. The more guests that participate in the games, the better chance they’ll have at winning a prize.

To play these hula hoop games, along with other interactive DJ games, contact us to schedule a no obligation consultation about our corporate event DJ services and find out how we can make your next company party a success.

photo credit: Teresa Trimm (top) Live DETgames (bottom)

video credit: Rabbi Justin S. Kerber